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The Merry Songster Welcomes You, Guest!

This page contains some of the things that I've been doing, such as my song texts and other funny rubbish. It's going to be regularly updated, but for the time being, it's all ready, so please be my guest and take a tour round my site. You don't have to remove your shoes... :-)

You can learn something about me and view my favourite links (hope you'll find them useful - there'll be more!).

You can even sign my guestbook and view what I loosely call my photoalbum.

Right. Now go on and remember - no scribbling on the walls (there's the guestbook for that kind of thing) and petty thefts! :-)

Oh yes, and a final word. From the feedback I get, I understood that most people like the design of the pages. Credit where credit's due: they are actually pre-designed patterns provided by the hosting server, so there are only a few pages here that reflect my own HTML-based creativity. You can tell them by their primitive look.

So much for the introduction then. Welcome to my world!

What I am

Who I am

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Some of the things that I've been doing...

Photos and other pics

My other project

Another project: send your pictures as postcards!

Why not sign my guestbook before you leave?..

... or mail me, for that matter?

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